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National Preparedness: Are You Ready?

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 by Audrey Simmons

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The truth is… you may not be as prepared as you think.

Dave Baxter, owner of Baxter Restoration tell us, “If you don’t already have a clear plan in place - involving both your family, your community, and of course your pets - for each one of these potential disasters, then start making one now.”

Firefighters, police officers, and EMT/paramedics do a lot to keep us safe, especially when we have been faced with disaster and although they work around the clock, they can’t do it alone. The highest levels of safety can only be accomplished when working together with our families and communities.

The better we plan for emergencies before they happen, the more safe and secure we’ll be throughout the experience, and the less challenging the clean up will be. Within your community, there exists organizations - like Citizen Corps - that hold meetings to discuss preparedness information, help develop an organized plan for each type of disaster, provide volunteer opportunities to community members, and respond to emergencies when you need them most. Get involved! Find a local Citizen Corps council or Citizen Corps partner program near you and volunteer.

Are you prepared? Have you followed these steps?

  • Stay up to date - watch weather forecasts and warnings on the National Weather Service.

  • Check out what other people around you are already doing: Find community based organizations such as Citizen Corp, Community Emergency Response Teams, Medical Reserve Corp, and Fire Corp - and get involved!

  • Go local! If you live in Florida, check out the Florida Division of Emergency Management and the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association.

  • Create your own group: Get together with family, friends, and neighbors to discuss evacuation and shelter plans that may already be in place in your community. If there aren’t any, come up with emergency plans that work for your particular neighborhood - and spread the word!

  • Talk to your family: In addition to having a community plan, you should have a household plan with your family and pets.

  • Don’t wait until a disaster strikes. Be proactive!

What does a preparedness plan look like?
You’re family should have a clear plan for each type of emergency/disaster. Remember, you may not be together when disaster strikes, so first make a plan on how you will contact and find one another in case that happens.

Meet with you family and make a plan:

  • Discuss how to prepare and respond to emergencies/disasters that are more likely to occur depending on your geographical location in addition to more specific emergencies that may happen at school, work, etc.

  • Assign responsibilities to each family member and plan to work as a team.

  • Designate two places to meet - one right outside your home (in case of a house fire) and one outside your neighborhood (in case you must evacuate).

  • Choose an out of area emergency contact person in case local phone lines are out of service.

  • The Red Cross recommends practicing your emergency procedures at least twice a year.

  • Make a plan for your pets!

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